Energy efficiency is good for you and for the climate

Energy is precious – no doubt about that! For this reason we rely on the principle of sustainability when it comes to developing products and processes responsibly. For us, that begins at the entrance door. Start now with an optimally insulated entrance door panel. Win more independence from energy providers and profit from a significant addition to your personal quality of life. Regardless which "colour" your electricity or gas has: Saving energy is always worth it.

Outstanding thermal insulation

The thermal images show impressions of the inside, which means, the higher the surface temperature on the panel, the less thermal loss there is. Looking at the images this means: The more yellow and red (lighter) the surfaces depict, the better the result. The double-sided attachment door panels examined by the infrared camera impress with e.g. very low thermal loss. With many stock entrance doors, temperature differences between room temperature and the surface of the entrance door of up to 8 °C can be observed.


  • Room temperature: 20 °C
  • Outside temperature: -18 °C
  • Simulation duration: 24 h
  • View from the inside out

With closed double-sided attachment door panels from the Mattea, Centea and Liseo series, as well as the closed version of Metris and Bruxelles, you achieve maximum thermal insulation. The Vakucor (vacuum core) version does not differ from the conventional attachment door panel in its visual appearance. It is the inner values that are convincing. Upwards of 60 mm door panel thickness we offer this version optionally for closed attachment door panels. With the Vakucor (vacuum core) version, You will achieve U-values of up to 0.18**.

Unpretentious elegance and outstanding thermal insulation come together in a successful fusion. They meet the energy standard of tomorrow already today.

* Comparable U-value of the door panel calculated for 900 x 2000 mm. The actual U-value of the entrance door panel depends upon the selected model, the materials and the dimensions, resulting from the installation situation. The Ud-value of the overall entrance door depends upon the profile system used, the door threshold used and the dimensions. Ask your specialist dealer.

** Basis for the calculated replacement value of the vacuum panel. Refers to the entrance door panel.