adeco is a successful family-owned business that also offers apprenticeships for vocational training:
Up until the summer of 2014 adeco exclusively trained business management apprentices in the position of industrial management assistant. Thereafter, we added the apprenticed trade of IT management assistant. And in the commercial sector, we added the trade of technical product designer specialising in product design and development.

Working in the various departments provides dedicated, interested young people with a variety of activities and demonstrates the manifold possibilities in these careers. After just a brief training period, the trainees become an active and responsible part of the workforce.

During the 3 – 3.5 year apprenticeship period, adeco goes beyond the normal training content to impart technical knowledge through internal training courses and plant visits at our suppliers. This technically qualified background combined with successful completion of their academic training increases the chances that trainees are offered a permanent position and gives them a great start toward their professional future.