The elegant way of expressing your own style – the new Decenta class helps you achieve it. The basic idea: An integrated design leads to maximum form and function. In exclusive cooperation with renowned designers we have developed ideas and designed products, which truly deserve the title "innovative". They combine measurable progress with practical advantages.

For instance, handles are not regarded as a separate component, but rather are part of the design process from the very beginning. Thus, for every model we have handles that are mounted to the entrance door panel. The handle is thereby positioned further away from the keyhole. The benefit: More freedom of movement when unlocking the door. This example demonstrates concretely, what the symbiosis of form and function can achieve.

In addition,colours and finishes are also an important subject. The interplay of both these components lends your home individuality and personality. The texture of the finish will significantly influence the impact of the colour. Micro-particles made of metal lend the finish an elegant shimmering appearance. The powder-coated aluminium finishes are long-lasting and easy to clean. The sturdy Finea finishes meet the highest standards for scratch and impact resistance.

In terms of security, you are ready for anything with our premium product, the double-sided attachment door panel. Using ESG quality in both the exterior and interior panes reduces the risk of glass door panels shattering due to e.g., children playing, unfortunate contact with sharp objects or slamming of the door by strong winds.