Express your style with adeco

With an entrance door panel from adeco your entrance door will be distinctive and unique. Just like you. Design, colour and material know no limits. Form meets function. Our door panels have a perfect symbiotic relationship with the supporting elements of your door system. This means entrance doors with consummate design, safety and energy efficiency. Experience the new Decenta class.


The entrance door configurator

The entrance door configurator from adeco is an important aid to decision-making when purchasing a new entrance door. With its help, you can put together a custom door and view it in your real or virtual architectural context. In this way, you can get an accurate idea of how the new door will look later in the entrance area.


Design meets nature

The fusion of PUR design and PUR nature has happened! The Denara model combines powder-coated and film-coated sur-faces on one panel for the first time. In the examples shown, the classic anthracite colour accentuates the warm amber wood tone, integrating it into the façade. But there are many more design options: In addition to the popular wood shades, RAL colours can also be combined with the concrete and corten design surfaces. You can either film-coat the section where the handle is fixed, or the other section of the door panel.

In our recently published brochure, we present a small selection of the many options for customizing the Denara model to your home and thus realizing your own personal style.
» Denara brochure

Discover the variety of this door and design the model for your house entrance in our configurator. The door leaf is divided into two sections, which are available in different colors and surfaces.
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