Instruction manual for using the entrance door configurator

To the entrance door configurator

So, you have found your dream entrance door? We are delighted. Now you would like to see how that model looks with your house – no problem. A single click and you have opened the entrance door configurator. In just a few minutes you can design a gratifyingly realistic image of your home's future entrance area. It is child's play, without EDP knowledge or disclosing any personal information, we guide you step by step through the configurator. Create different versions and choose your favourite at your leisure from the comfort of your home.

Step 1: Load the image of your home’s entrance.
Step 2: Mark the doorway.
Step 3: Select the design.
Step 4: Select the model.
Step 5: Select the preferred colour.
Step 6: Where applicable, select the glass finish.
Step 7: If you like the configuration, save the result under “my doors”. Now you may configure as many additional designs, models, colours and glass finishes as you wish, and save the ones you like under “my doors”.
Step 8: You may view the saved entrance doors on your house any time you like simply by clicking on them again. You can print out your favourites under “print / enquiry” and take the printout with you to your local speciality retailer.