In art and music the term "classic" stands for immutability – for that which has outlasted the spirit of the times. Combine the look of old timber entrance doors with modern, durable materials and contemporary convenience. The emphasis on shapes takes place via ornamentation, which goes to great depths. Ornamentations are embedded in the door panel and rise up out of it, in the truest sense of the word. This extra dimension adds depth to the door.

Villa „S“ – The alternative

The introduction of the Villa version of the models Amsterdam, Bruxelles and Paris brought with it countless requests for a narrower variant of these models with integrated door knob HA 445, which could be used for renovations. It is in this context that our designer Sabine Bischof reworked the proportions, so that with the Villa S models, we are now able to offer a successful second version. Ornamentations, decorative coffers, and light cut-outs like those on the Villa models were adjusted to fit on the narrower door panel width.