What exactly is a door panel?

Modern entrance doors are comprised of structural components that give the door stability along with decorative elements. The blind frame, with which the door is anchored in the masonry, and the casement frame, which moves with every opening and closing of the door, both belong to the structural components. The door panel is the decorative element. It determines the appearance. adeco door panels not only look good, they contribute significantly to the functionality of the entrance door.


Energy efficient and safe

For many years adeco has produced door panels with excellent energy efficiency values and maximum security. adeco offers three types of door panels: Double-sided attachment door panels, Single-sided attachment door panels and Infill door panels.

adeco offers three types of door panels


Double-sided attachment door panels

Elegance inside and out: High quality decorative panels conceal the entire casement frame – on both the inside and the outside. This creates sleek and elegant, calm surfaces without visual interruptions on both sides. The door frame is the only thing that remains visible.


Single-sided attachment door panel

Outside elegance, inside functionality: With single-sided attachment panels only the outside is completely covered with a decorative panel. Inside, the casement frame encloses around the door panel – the casement frame and the door panel remain visible. Superior quality finishes incorporate the intersection harmoniously into the overall appearance.


Infill door panel

The name gives it away: The door panel is set into the casement frame. The panel is visibly enclosed by the casement profile on both sides. Exquisite finishes maintain the linear composition. Whichever variant you choose: adeco guarantees you maximum security and energy efficiency, combined with low maintenance and elegance.