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adeco offers three different types of door panels

Double-sided attachment panels

Premium decorative panels cover the whole door leaf – both on the inside, as well as on the outside. This results in double-sided simple, yet elegant smooth surfaces with seamless aesthetics. Only the actual door frame remains visible.


Single-sided attachment panel

In this case, only the exterior face is covered with a decorative panel over the entire surface area. On the inside, the door leaf wraps around the door panel – leaving both the door leaf and the panel visible. Premium surface-finishes embed the step joint harmoniously into the overall picture.


Insert panel

The name gives it away: the door panel is set into the door leaf. The panel surrounded by the door leaf profile is visible from both sides. Noble surface-finishes lend to the flowing lines. Regardless of which version you decide on: adeco guarantees maximum security and energy efficiency, in conjunction with ease of care and elegance. adeco – the elegant way of expressing your own style.