Energy efficiency – good for you, good for the climate

The new thermal insulation XXL is not only easy on our environment, but also on your purse. Saving energy is an active contribution to environment protection. Combine the possibilities. Find a tailor-made solution that perfectly meets all your expectations and demands.

1. The panel thickness of the insert panels ...

as well as of the attachment panels

2. The glazing and its options

  • Double or triple glazing
  • Space between the panes filled with argon gas
  • One or two low emissivity coatings
  • Warm edge spacer (Chromatec Ultra)

Compare the different possibilities:

INFO: What is „Up value”?

The Up value (the coefficient of thermal transmission, the thermal insulation value, as well known as the k-value) is the unit of measure for the amount of heat passing through a one- or multi-layer material, at different temperatures between the two sides. In building physics, the Up value of an entry door refers to the building element of the panel (p).