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Care instructions

Perfect symbiosis of elegance and ease of care: adeco infill panels’ surface finishes and handles.
Adeco Pflegeanleitung

Our products have been designed to provide you with a long service lifetime. If you adhere to the following care instructions, your main door will retain its attractive appearance even after many years of everyday use.

Surface finishes

adeco door panels are equipped with resistant, weatherproof coating materials from various coating systems. These are extremely insensitive and maintain their representative appearance over several years. Nevertheless surface contamination due to dust and other air born substances is inevitable. In order to be able to enjoy the advantages of your entrance door panel, we recommend cleaning it regularly with a damp cloth.



Matt stainless-steel / polished stainless-steel

Due to its special composition, stainless steel does not corrode when exposed to oxygen. Nevertheless a rust film can form on the surface due to environmental impact (air containing salt or iodine), contact with ferrous materials or other soiling. This soiling on the outside of stainless-steel components can be removed with a special stainless-steel cleaning agent.



Gunmetal finish brass

Due to climatic influences, brass develops – typical for this material – a matt patina with time. This patina is a natural metal protection against the elements. For cleaning simply use a damp cloth first and then polish with a dry cloth.



Walnut – oak – yatoba

Timber as a natural product features various colouring and grain textures. Timber is subject to a natural change process due to climatic influences.  If not maintained, the original timber tone turns into a natural, pale-grey patina very fast. The colour of the timber can be replenished using commercially available furniture oil specifically for outdoor applications. Timber wax products (e.g. »PNZ timber wax L«) also available in specialised dealers protect timber from turning grey, without sealing the pores.


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